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CNC machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes specialized computer programs to instruct the automated design and production of high precision parts for a number of industries. An acronym, CNC stands for computer numerical control. This refers to a broad range of CNC manufacturing processes utilized throughout the production process to create small or large volumes of identical precision parts quickly and efficiently.

While CNC milling is the most common type of CNC manufacturing machines available, most CNC machine shops offer a number of detailed operations. Additional machine work may include CNC cutting, CNC drilling and CNC grinding. Often times these mechanisms are incorporated into a single cell or unit with CNC tool changers used to automatically engage the proper tool for a specific task. Many CNC services will also incorporate prototype machining at the onset of continual or short-run productions to ensure that the needs of the customer or application are met. The creation of prototypes and CNC work in general minimizes waste material and eliminates error. Room for human error is likewise significantly reduced through precision machining as the tools are fully automated. A single worker can oversee several operating machines at once. While the workforce can be reduced, it is essential that operations and equipment are carefully monitored. Without regular maintenance and calibration the accuracy of CNC machines may falter. It is important to consider the needs and specifications not only of the client, but of the equipment as well to ensure successful automated product manufacturing.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.

Franklin, MA | 800-528-8650

Eagle has supplied high quality CNC machining and manufacturing services for over 30 years. From CNC laser cutting to CNC milling, we have the manufacturing capabilities to satisfy all of your specifications. We can machine stainless steel components with diameters from .032” to 2”. We have machined parts and products for the medical, aerospace, and high tech industries, and we are confident that we can supply machining solutions for you as well! Give us a call to see how we can serve you!

Valk Industries, Inc.

Greeneville, TN | 423-638-1284

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are devoted to CNC machining quality! With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to provide superior service and unmatched quality. Using innovative techniques, we can supply all the CNC manufacturing capabilities you need! Our dedicated engineers are ready to work with you to ensure you receive the very best custom and precision CNC machining services. Contact us for all of your CNC manufacturing requirements!

OBI Linings, Inc.

Chocowinity, NC | 252-946-6176

From innovative product design to state-of-the-art CNC machining, OBI Linings has you covered! You can rely on us to provide you with the precision machining you need to meet your tight tolerance specifications. Whether you require a part that is small, simple, large, or complex, we guarantee we have the machining capabilities to satisfy all of your requirements!

H & R Screw Machine Products, Inc.

Reed City, MI | 231-832-2356

Here at H & R Screw Machine Products, we offer CNC machining services for your tight tolerance applications. Whether you are in need of high volume or low volume production, our versatile manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet all of your custom CNC machining needs. Take advantage of our CNC cutting, milling, drilling, turning, and much more. We’ve been machining high quality parts since 1976, and we’re ready to take on your next project! Call us today!

Crown Die Casting Corporation

Mount Vernon, NY | 914-667-5400

For more than 45 years, Crown Die Casting has specialized in providing quality CNC machining and manufacturing services. Utilizing the latest design technology, we will help you engineer the right part for your applications and manufacture your parts with precision machining equipment. Regardless of your application needs, we are confident that we have the machining solutions for you! Visit our website or give us a call for more information!


Holland, OH | 419-867-3900

Our plastic CNC machining capabilities provide a good alternative to plastic injection molding for prototype plastic parts. Our mutli-axis, high-speed plastic CNC milling machines produce complex plastic parts or prototypes very quickly. CNC machined prototypes are a good low-cost option to test a plastic part design for form, fit and function. We provide fast online CNC quotes.

It is important to consider the exact processes necessary to design and create a given part in order to select the proper CNC machine shop. Considerations include diameter or dimensional capacities, software, material capabilities, production volume allowances and the specific machinery available. Dimensional and material capabilities vary widely among CNC providers. The diameter capacity is expressed in a range listing the upper and lower limits. Volume requirements may also be articulated in this manner. The material capabilities, however, should be specific. Common materials include any number of metals, glass, ceramic, wood and plastics. The capacity for different materials is largely dependent upon the machines used at a particular shop. While some manufacturers employ a limited number of machines, most provide a wide variety. Services such as broaching, etching, honing, screw machining, casting and forging may be had in addition to the aforementioned drilling, grinding, cutting and milling. Although CNC machining produces precision finished parts that rarely require secondary finishing, optional operations include anodizing, electroplating, heat treating, stress relieving, lapping, polishing, painting, welding and more are often available. Each of these programs is controlled by specific software that operates off any number of computer languages. G code, a standardized system of number and letter combinations, is a universal CNC language, though some manufacturers utilize other controllers such as bitmap, conversational, drawing exchange format, M-code or product specific software.

Once the proper facility, materials and software are chosen, the computer numeric control machining begins with collaboration between the manufacturer and the client. The use of computer assisted design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) as well as other advanced programming such as photo imaging allow for the product to be completely conceptualized in-house. These programs then convert the schematics and measurements of the item into code, which will direct the equipment. From this point the raw materials are loaded into the machine. Usually in the form of a billet or other stock shape, these pieces of glass, metal or plastic are cast, forged, rolled or extruded in advance and may be supplied by either the consumer or the machining shop. For products requiring only one piece of equipment, this is the only manual operation. Shops offering multiple services on different machines may have workers transfer materials between processes, or this step may also be automated. With the materials in place, the software is activated. No matter the specific computerized language chosen, this code is what dictates the behavior of the machinery. The computer is used to activate a series of commands that are performed in sequential order as needed. CNC programming instructs the positioning, pressure applied, depth and all other movements of these automated devices. These movements easily produce high precision identical parts in rapid succession, a process that would take much longer if performed manually.

Since its beginnings in the 1970’s, CNC machining software and capabilities have greatly improved and expanded. Despite the complexities of the machining and the computer coding, CNC programs are known for having a highly accessible interface that is far easier for beginners to operate than would be the machines it automates. Manufacturers may offer a hands-on approach allowing clients to play an integral role in the design of a part and the schematic used to produce it. Often a prototype, or working model, is first produced before long run production begins to ensure the most efficient use of materials and machinery. While this is possible with manual operations, CNC machining offers rapid prototyping and, since the code is stored in the computer system, the final product is guaranteed to be an identical replica of the prototype. After production ceases the code may also be filed for future use. The use of CNC machining therefore ensures the production of high precision, high quality parts and components that are made quickly and to the exact specifications of industrial purchasers representing a broad array of applications including military, automotive, aerospace, metallurgy and more. CNC manufacturers provide not only a finished product, but they also aid in the design, streamlining and upgrading of operations as per the request of the client.

Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.

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