Custom Machining

Custom machining is more precise in that the machining is done to meet particular specifications or unique requirements. This type of process takes the place of other styles of manufacturing such as casting or molding and is great for custom work as complex and fine details are able to be machined directly into the final product.

There are a number of different custom machining techniques depending on your unique requirements such as milling, grinding, turning, drilling, and many others. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable and trusted custom machining company as they will know through experience which type of machining is the most efficient and best choice based on your needs and requirements.

Custom machining is utilized for a wide range of industries from jewelry making to the manufacturing of plain steel washers. Even some automotive components are made through the custom machining process, it all depends on what the final product and application requires as machining is the process of shaping a material into that final product through a variety of methods.

CNC drilling is one of the more basic methods as it is simply drilling holes into the material, this might be ideal for mass custom washer manufacturing where a precise sized hole is necessary for a large batch of washers. Another type of machining is the turning process, which rotates the material in a lathe to remove pieces of material while also keeping the product cylindrically symmetrical.

Custom Machined Plastic Part
Custom Machining – ICOMold

Grinding is a great method for removing surface material to achieve particular surface properties or effects. This process can be used to achieve accurate part dimensions or to create a very fine surface finish. Milling uses a cutting tool to more precisely remove materials from the surface of a material.

Whether manually or using CNC equipment, different shapes can be cut out of the surface and different depths can be achieved. Depending on your requirements, anywhere from one to all of these processes may be required.

Whatever your application may be, a custom machining company will be able to answer virtually any question you may have about the process and help guide you to the right solution for your particular requirements.

Custom Machining Machining is a broad term for manufacturing processes in which objects are created out of metal, plastics, rubber, or other materials.